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    Word 2010 Find feature

    In Word 2010, when you search for something using the default find (down the left side of the page), is there a shortcut key to get back to where you were before your search? For instance, say I am working in Section 4.2 and I want to search for the term “diabetic” in the document. It turns out that there is only 1 instance and it takes me to Section 7.2 just by pressing enter on my search query. Is there a quick way to get back to Section 4.2, particularly if I do not make any change in Section 7.2? I know if I close the Find window, I'll go back, but is there another way or short cut key to use, especially if I'm not done with Find yet?

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    It may not be where you started the find, but pressing Shift-F5 will take you back to the last edit you made. Or, if you have a fairly good idea of where you were, you could press F5 to get the Go To dialog, and then enter the page or section number.

    Note that you can also navigate to the next or previous Find by using Ctrl-PgUp and Ctrl-PgDn shortcuts (or click the small down or up double chevrons a the lower right of the vertical scroll bar).

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