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    SFC Looking for SP3 CD

    Got an XP Home Edition desktop that was badly infected with Trojans, etc. MBAM took out almost 500 of them, then Spybot got another 90. Internet connectivity is erratic, and one of the things I tried was SFC. It has found some files it wants to replace, but it's looking for an "XP Home Service Pack 3 CD." Does such a beast exist, or are they talking about an XP Home installation CD that includes SP3? I don't have a CD like that, but I assume there's somewhere I can get an ISO for one.

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    Yes, it wants an XP SP3 install disk to use as a source for those missing or corrupt files. If you have a version previous to SP3, you could integrate the SP3 service pack with nLite, otherwise, don't know about an ISO, there isn't a legal version in that direction. Some retail copies are still around on EBay and the like.

    You might also check the Windows directory for an i386 folder. If there, it contains files for running a repair install which should accomplish the same thing though that might have a service pack version issue as well.
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    No, not unless you slipstream with an existing install disc, or purchase a full XP SP3 disc somewhere, you will not find a legitimate
    ISO for download.

    Quite Frankly, with 590 pieces of malware and other corruptions to the operating system, a clean install is clearly needed.
    Invest a little time and energy in a well thought out BACKUP regimen and you will have minimal down time, and headache.

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    I have an original and genuine MS-issue XP SP3 update CD, and I'd be happy to mail it to you, but I don't think that's the answer you need. Clint is absolutely right. Your OS on that computer has been so seriously compromised that repairing it with the SP3 disk would be band-aid surgery. You need to format that HDD and install a clean OS.

    PM me if you have any Q's.

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    First go to the manufacturers website and download the drivers onto a CD-R

    Does the computer have a factory restore partition?
    --- If so try it.

    If not, as already recommended a clean install is the way to go

    Amazon has XP Home Edition discs

    I haven't tried this yet but consider to get the computer back to its original setup
    Read the description of how it works and note that you will need the product key that originally came with the pc
    --- One program that will include the OS product key is Belarc
    --- I hope others will give their opinion about those restoredisks capabilty
    --- Naturally you will have to get all Microsoft updates, programs etc in order but at least the computer should turn out like new

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