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    Google - Moodle...

    Does Google dislike Kaspersky? I have the Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 and it works just fine. Then Google trolls in and states that "to increase speed" it
    has disabled add-ons by Kaspersky - such as Safe Money (which is nice anyway) - and when I said "nope" and changed the settings back to enabled -
    promptly disabled my login to the IRS in my country. All other passwords/usernames are just fine, (even the bank) except the IRS - so in a panic
    (returns due for clients today before 4.30pm) I switched to IE and went through like a dream. Anyone know how to undo what Google must have done -
    and keep Google from doing it again?

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    Google's Chrome browser keeps disabling Avast's Web Rep Add-on because it was detected as "slowing web browsing". No option to keep the update installer from doing this. I have to manually go in and re-enable the Add-on each time there's an update. So this behavior is not specific to Kaspersky. It's apparently a behavior which hits a lot of security add-ons.

    The solution is to go to Chrome's Tools>>Extensions area, which opens up the Extensions Page. Enable the disabled Extension(s) with the checkbox and you're OK until the next Chrome update -- usually only a couple of weeks apart. While you're there, also enable Extensions you want in the Incognito Mode.
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