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    Exclamation my recent adventures in scumware removal - follow on to threads asking for

    winxp pro sp3

    java gone
    no flash
    no activex
    no flash allowed

    microsoft firewall
    win patrol
    spyware blaster
    norton 360 internet

    rubotted - not sure if this is useful but have it

    use assorted batch fixit programs from microsoft
    also sysinternals , process explorer, etc

    now have malware bytes trial - will be getting full version
    this one was a BIG help

    norton caught stray programs phoning home and blocks most of them

    pc had slowed down
    i saw internet lights flashing with nothing running - big tip that there is a bot

    tried deleting obvious new files that were involved
    some blocked that attempt
    but did clean out a couple of them

    ran tdskiller - nothing
    ran microsoft malicious software remover - found 5 fixed 4+
    rootkit revealer - nada
    microsoft safety scanner said 69 found while runnning but only two showed up in log
    malware bytes found and removed ten
    deleted one file manually
    win patrol is very helpful in quickly knowing what is happening and where things are

    pc now seems clean and is running faster
    no bots obvious as per blinking lights on the cable modem

    will be looking at several additional programs suggested in the threads responding to my help request

    cc cleaner looks good to use now too
    tcpview was suggested and looks good - will be trying it too
    avast was suggested - need to find out more about it

    add your favorite programs here to make a checklist of tools that can be found in one place

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    ??How many of those programs did you run in Safe Mode???


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    none yet

    i used mbam chameleon as a check before running mbam

    they thought that was good enough when i asked about needign safe mode

    so far no more problems noted

    will use safe mode if they return

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