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    Editing Quick Styles Gallery

    I have created a new style set in Word 2010. I added and deleted styles from the Quick Style Gallery and changed the recommended values so the Icons would be in the order I want in the Quick Style Gallery. The problem is I can't get that list of icons to stay. If I close out of word and go back in the icons aren't in the order I had them, the ones I deleted are back and the ones I added are missing. I tried doing the customization and saving that as a new Style set, but the same problem. Any suggestions? Thanks all.

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    After you save a new Quick Style Set in Word, you need to (1) click on the Change Styles button (looks like an "American Airlines" button to me), (2) hover on the words "Style Set," and (3) click on the name of your new Style Set. Then (4) click on the AA button again and (5) click once on "Set as Default," then (6) close Word. (7) A message window opens that asks if you want to save changes to the global template, "Normal.dotm." (8) Click once on Yes, then (9) reopen Word and you should see your new custom Quick Style Set in the Styles window from then on.... until you change it, of course. ~8-)
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