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    Corporate Email Security - Should I be Concerned?

    Dear Loungers:

    I have been concerened for some time about notification for failed email deliveries from my domain that are obviously spam. Someone / some entity is apparently sending out spam email using my domain "". Because I maintain a catch-all mailbox at the domain that redirects such failed delivery notifications to my regular email box, I get to see them all. Every one of the failures is obviously spam because the "sender" that is returned to me is in the form of "" where the c's correspond to some random character, letter or number (i.e.

    I have spoken several times to the email host (Network Solutions) as well as some local colleagues. I'm told that if I properly configure my mail server settings, then these emails can never be authenticated by my server, so I have nothing to worry about. NS even went so far as to say if I want these notifications to stop I should simply drop the catch-all mailbox.

    Should I be worried that someone has stolen our domain and is spamming the world from our domain address or will the appropriate settings at the email server be enough?

    I look forward to all replies.

    Ron Finer

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    Someone has stolen everyone's domains and is spamming the world, get over it.
    Make sure you set the appropriate verification entries in your DNS and you will not be black listed.

    cheers, Paul

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