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    Html email (outlook 2000)

    how do you fix Outlook so you can't view html emails.

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    Re: Html email (outlook 2000)

    Can you elaborate? Do you want to convert them to plain text/rich text before opening, or not be able to open them at all, or simply restrict what the HTML can do to your computer?

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    Re: Html email (outlook 2000)

    I don't think you can specifically tell Outlook to not open HTML mail -- can you? Well, at least not easily.

    You can restrict the abilities of HTML mail by fully disabling your Restricted sites zone and placing Outlook in that zone. That is done by going to Tools | Options | Security tab | Secure Content. Change the Zone to "Restricted Sites" (if it isn't already). Then hit "Zone Settings", click OK, click "Custom level..." and make sure everything in the Restricted zone is Disabled. Especially look at Scripting | Active scripting. Click OK to get back to the Securtiy tab. While you are there, click the Attachment Security... button and make sure the Security Method is at "High". [Later versions of Outllok may have a slightly different set up, but I suspect it would be similar].

    You can also restrict the content of the HTML mail by limiting Outlook's access to the Internet, but as best I can tell, that requires the use of an outgoing packet filter such as ZoneAlarm Pro.

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