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    Question on Categories
    1. I assigned categories to all my messages in the inbox (300 messages)
    2. Is there a way just to view messages by category?
    1. I assigned the Business category to 50 messages in my Inbox
    2. I have 300 messages in my Inbox.
    3. Is there a way to see just the 50 messages with the Business category (Basically a filter) In the Inbox?
    4. Do I have the ability to see all 300 messages later in my Inbox?

    Thanks In Advance....

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    Well right below the folders view is the Quick view categories so if you have added a business category you would click on that under the quick view to see only the 50 business emails. You'll have to create a rule(s) for business email so you can assign a custom category to it so it will show up there. If you don't use flags for anything you could just flag the business emails and then they would be the only ones to show up in the Flagged category, accomplishing the same thing without setting up rules for a custom category but I see what you mean by not being able to see them all in the inbox when they are flagged. Maybe a custom category will not hide them in the inbox.

    You can also use a rule to move your business email to a Business email folder but then they would no longer show up in the inbox.
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    Also, on the Catagories drop down on the blue bar, you can select Manage Catagories and put a check mark on the Catagories you want to see under Quick View. After you're done looking at the Business quick view, click on Outlook at the upper left to see all your Emails again.


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    Just an added tidbit. I don't know what type of phone you are using, but! if you use a windows phone either 7.5 or 8, and have a rule set up to move your e-mail to a sub folder, (assuming this happens before it gets to your phone) you will not see that e-mail in your phones inbox, nor will you get any tile notification of the arrival of said email.

    Thanks John
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