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    DOS Boot / Reformat C Drive


    I use Windows 98, so I'm not familiar with Windows ME's new features. A friend of mine has a Windows ME machine, but would prefer to use Win 98 SE (his choice). Apparently on Shutdown, you're not given the choice to reboot in DOS mode, as you are in Win 98. I was going to have him do this and then walk him through reformatting the C drive and using his Win 98 Boot Disk to install Win 98.

    Any ideas on how you do this in Windows ME? Upon startup, can you hit one of the function keys (F8?) to get to a command prompt to allow him to format C?

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    Re: DOS Boot / Reformat C Drive

    He will need to boot to a Win98 boot disk and have the format command on the floppy. He will then need to reboot to the floppy with CD support and then he can install Win98 from the install CD.

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