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    Outlook 2007 Error Message

    I mail out news to a couple of shooting clubs. I have done this for years without any problems. One club has about 350 members. To keep my service from seeing me as "spam," I have broken the 350 into groups of 25 each. It takes a while to send out a newsletter, but I'm semi-retired so no biggy. Yesterday I was sending out news until I arrived at my seventh group. An error message popped up and I could not send it. I've tried repairing Outlook. That didn't work. I ran a diagnostic on Outlook. That didn't solve it. I can send individual emails. No problem. I can send forward stuff to several in the Bcc line. No problem. I reinstalled Outlook. No help. I finally started looking at the group which made the error message pop up. I was told there were addresses in the 25 that were not valid. When I selected to remove them, it wiped out 80% of the group. I went back to groups that had gone through and was told the same thing. I have a saved database, so I reinstalled it. Still no success. The error messages states, "An internal support function returned an error." Does anyone have a suggestion that I might try? I've been using Outlook 2007 since it came out and this is a new one.

    I'm running Windows Pro 8 with 16 GB of memory and the 3rd generation i5 processor. The program is on C drive which is a 256 GB SSD.

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    See if this is of any help:


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