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    Peculiar network connection problem

    Hi: I've fixed the problem but can anyone explain why please. My wife and I travel in an RV with two Playbooks, a laptop and an Acer 521 netbook. All worked perfectly around North America until we signed up with Brighthouse in Titusville, FL. Playbooks and laptop connected Ok to wireless router and internet. Netbook connected but kept dropping the internet connection, but Ok to router. Also, when it did connect sites often would not load. Netbook all up to date, Win 7 Starter, and worked perfectly before leaving home. Checked all settings and could see nothing wrong. Eventually, in desperation, I broke into the Brighthouse router, the installer had left the default user and password. Sigh. Poked around but could see nothing wrong until I noticed that the firewall was on. Turned it off and ever since everything works perfectly.
    Question, should the router firewall be on for the firewalls are already on in laptop and netbook? Question two, why only the netbook affected?
    Perhaps that is one question too many!

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    IMO, you should definitely use the firewall in the router. It is part of a layered defense strategy. Many attempts to contact your PCs iliicitly will be blocked by the router firewall and never reach the PCs.

    If turning off the firewall resolved issues you should check the router configuration. Make sure that all IP addresses are assigned dynamically. Make sure that you allow a sufficient number of devices to connect concurrently. Check the firewall to see what ports are being blocked.

    Have you run a malware scan on the netbook?

    If Brighthouse allows a thrid party router perhaps you could try a different router.


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