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    Question Workbook VBA project stays in memory after the workbook is closed

    Using Windows 7 and Excel 2010

    When I close an Excel workbook, the workbook and modules are still listed in the VBA project explorer.
    If I open the same workbook twice, the modules are listed TWICE in the VBA project explorer.

    I cannot see a command to remove it, so need to exit and restart Excel.

    Is there a way to remove the project without restarting Excel????

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    I'm also using Windows 7 and Excel 2010.

    I don't see the same behaviour as what you describe so I'm guess there is an add-in that is causing your problem. What else is loaded? Can you disable them and test again?
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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    After doing some search regarding your symptoms, there are many who are experiencing the same problem with the work around of restarting excel to remove the duplicate VBA project. It seems that no one has specifically pinpointed a cause and/or a resolution, however, the majority of those with the problems have add-ons installed as Andrew implied. The most popular suggestion was to remove all the add-ons then reinstall one-by-one until the problem resurfaced thus identifying the culprit. However, there were those who had no add-ons installed who were experiencing the problem as well as those who had add-ons, removed them, and the problem never abated. This causative factor seems very vague with no definite solutions and Microsoft is not offering much help only occasionally referring to it as a bug.

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