So I have many NAS devices with data on them, and several long established XP systems with tons of shared data on them and now that I can window Metro Apps on the desktop, I've been trying to use them a little. They seem to be highly cloud-oriented which one would expect coming from mobile beginnings; however local network access seems to have regressed greatly in Windows 8 since Metro Apps only seem to support libraries in Homegroups.

I've gotten all the way to setting up a symbolic link to a NAS share in a Win 8 library, and I go to the app, and woohoo, the network location is available and I can navigate anywhere in that share, looks like its going to work...and then I try to open an image file, a placeholder pops up, the file name pops up...but the file remains resolutely blacked out. It seems as if its working fine but; the fangs appear and Win 8 says, oh, no Homegroup...sorry, against our rules.

Am I missing something or is this not possible? I can't try the offline method since I don't have room for a copy of any of the datasets to reside locally. Hey, maybe there is a home network gateway app or something? Or yet another [acceptable] alternate method I don't know about. It would be nice I think if Metro Apps are going to be on the desktop, they also have the flexibility and power of desktop programs.