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    Arabic Adobe Flash License Agreement / FireFox / XP

    I just received an Adobe Flash permission request to update the Adobe Flash Player plugin. I decided to look at the license agreement, but all of the versions of the license agreement were presented in Arabic!

    I am writing this in English (I hope) and everything else is presented in English text format and I don't read or speak Arabic.

    I recently installed FireFox, but have not seen Arabic used anywhere else there, so it must be an Adobe issue?

    Has anyone else noticed this (I doubt many of us normally read the license agreement, but I have read that companies, such as Adobe, have been slipping agreements to install other software into their upgrades, so I decided to take a look.


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    I confess not to read them, but I do read the stuff they put after checkboxes, and you can always stop the unwanted install of 3rd party apps by unchecking the adequate checkbox.

    The Arabic language license agreement is most certainly Adobe's fault.

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