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Thread: Security Apps

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    Security Apps

    I just found this security app called Kaka exe Lock.It claims to password protect any windows application. Its here
    I just want to know if its good to install and use.

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    If I were you I'd search around a bit to see what experience others had with it. Modifying executables requires some expertise to do properly, as does embedding password protection (e.g., a one-way hash of the password should be created such that the password itself can't be seen in the executable: not only would this not be very secure protection for the executable, but if you use the password for other purposes it would be exposed).

    If the software is competent it will leave your executables unusable if you forget the password - not a problem if you can restore the unmodified executable from a backup. But by the same token it can't protect you against someone who can obtain an unmodified copy of the executable somewhere else. All in all, the level of protection offered does not seem significantly greater than what you could obtain by installing your sensitive executables in a separate account with a different password and running them from there.

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    I'd stay away from this app:


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