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    Question MSN-Bot - is it dangerous??

    My web site is being visited by Msn-Bot isnce yesterday.
    Statscounter told me that my page has been visitied several times by MSNBOT in very short time.

    I have read some very nasty things about MsnBot.
    for example here:::

    Stats counter said the following
    browser::: msnbot-media 1.1
    ISP:: Microsoft Corp.

    IP address varies
    On of the addressesof that MsnBot was
    and this is what I found on it and everything else was "unknown".

    Can this MsnBot do something bad to my web site??

    Thanks for answers!
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    bots normally index your site for searches

    can it do something bad
    lots of programs can do something bad

    lock down your site with as much security as possible
    and keep it backed up so you can restore to a known good state should something happen

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