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    Need help Retrieving Data from one Ms Excel Worksheet to another

    I have one worksheet with key data in column A that also has multiple items in column B that relate. The problem is the data I receive from the file only lists the main key data item once for multiple rows of other data of which in this example I only need the Account "apple" lines with the Column A related number. How can search column B for my Account item and have excel search up the column (A) for the first value available that would relate to it and return these to my Summary worksheet? I am attaching my spreadsheet to help here. I am new to VBA in MS Excel.

    Hopefully someone can put me on the right path for this problem.
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    Hi Carla

    First of all, welcome to the Lounge.

    Save and then open attached file.

    Click button labelled [process Data sheet] on sheet named [Data]

    This routine will fill in missing items in column [A]
    It will then extract a list of unique Accounts.
    This accounts list is then used in dropdown selector in cell [A2] on sheet [Summary]

    I have documented the vba code to help you follow what is going on.

    If you need any further info, please ask.

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