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    Excel 2003 - split screen

    Windows 7 Home Premium, Office 2003

    I have no difficulty getting a copy of each of two Word files up at the same time, one either side, using the Start key+left/right arrow, but I cannot do the same in Excel - whenever I bring up the second file the first disappears. I have tried bringing up two copies of Windows Explorer in split screens left/right, and opening from there, but when I bring up the second Excel file the first always disappears. Is it possible to get two Excel files up at once.

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    You can do it but not the way you want. After you have the first file open by whatever method you need to hold Shift down and click on the Excel Icon on the Task bar to open the second copy then use the File Open feature of Excel to open the second file. Note: you'll get a mesage about Personal.xls already being open{ if you have a Personal.xls file } just click on the Read Only option. HTH
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    There is another option. Excel can display multiple windows inside the main program window.

    Assuming that you are viewing the sheet in full screen mode, you will see 3 icons in the upper right corner under the normal program minimize and close buttons.
    They are dash, double boxes, and X. Click the double box icon and the sheet will shrink inside the display area. Open another sheet and it will be visible as well. Now you can resize and move them like any window.

    When you are done, just click the box in the upper right corner of either window to restore a full screen sheet view.

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    I have always done using what JCZ just mentioned.

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