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Thread: Router Speeds

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    Router Speeds

    Hi All

    For all of the talk and market speak about the new, faster routers, I don't see any clarification about ISP speed. And believe me, I've looked. My brain tells me that if I have 20 Mbps coming from my cable modem (or whatever ISP provides), then I can't have anything faster than 20 Mbps going to all of my devices combined.

    Do I have that right? If so, then I'm wasting my money if I buy an N300 router (theoretically 300 Mbps) expecting faster performance than my 54 Mbps router and I only have, say, one device using wireless or Cat5 at a time on my 20 Mbps cable modem feed.

    I do expect that if I have several devices, a faster router might (would?) provide better performance to all devices, but all devices combined would not get any speed better than what the ISP provides.

    Is my brain tricking me? Or is it right?


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    You are correct, the combined access speeds of all devices to the ISP is limited to 20 Mbps.

    However, if you do any data transfer between local devices connected to the router (the local network) which does not involve the ISP, the transfer rate within this local network can be up to the limit of the router. So there is an advantage to have a Gigabit router connected to a slower ISP. This is how to do a fast backup with a network attached storage device.

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