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    Strange behavior with IE9

    This might have started after running Superantispyware. It found about 300 items that I had eliminated. But it may have started before then.

    Anyway, I go to a site, say a well-known shopping site. I click on an item and only part of the information shows up. Or I'm doing something else and I click on a link and nothing happens.

    If I use Chrome there are no problems. If I use IE9 on a different computer, then no problems.

    So, any ideas on what to try? I wonder if some component got wiped out? Is there a way to repair IE but keep my Favorites and my RoboForm add-on? Or is there a particular setting I should look at?


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    Did you try resetting IE9 in advanced tab of Internet Options? That shouldn't affect favorites but I don't know about add-ons, they might need to be enabled again or reinstalled.

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