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    Getting S/PDIF to work

    I was experimenting today with running a Toslink cable from my Gigabyte Z68 motherboard optical audio out to a DAC, instead of a USB cable, but it wasn't seen by the computer. Looking inside, I found the s/pdif header empty (two pin). Where does one find an s/pdif lead? Neither my Cooler Master Elite 335 case nor my Sapphire HD7750 GPU have one. I suppose a sound card would, but then why the optical out port on the mobo. Thanks,

    GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 (
    Win 8x64 Pro

    P.S. The audio controller is enabled in BIOS. So, assuming optical audio should work off the back port as is, the question is why wouldn't it be recognized in by Realtek HD Mgr and Windows Sound dialogue box in the CP? I had disconnected the USB cable, currently being used with the DAC (and used it instead for AC power).
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