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    Crucial firmware warning

    Did you buy a Crucial M4 SSD just over a year ago? Is your machine turned on over ten hours a day, on average? Do you know what your drive firmware version is?

    It turns out that in the firmware version that shipped at the start of last year, there is a bug which causes system freezes and blue screens to start occurring quite regularly, but only starts to show up if the drive has been running for something over 5000 hours. As a software developer, I know that is an interesting sort of bug to have found! It is documented in the Crucial forums.

    My firmware is version 0009 (the problem apparently affects earlier versions also). My SSD has run about 5300 hours (as shown by CrystalDiskInfo, recommended in the Crucial forum). And yesterday my system suddenly began to freeze up every couple of hours. The symptoms were interesting, in that some applications appeared to be responsive for a while, but none could be closed or started, and Explorer was nearly dead although I could switch from one app to another. After a cold restart, disk checks reported no errors. There was no overheating or dust (my machine is fanless).

    After struggling through several of these freezes, and saving work often, a bit of googling took me to the Crucial forums, where others described similar issues, one with identical symptoms. Downloading and installing the latest firmware has resulted in no further problems, unless posting this message brings some on!

    Strong recommendation to Crucial M4 users: download CrystalDiskInfo and check your firmware version. If it is 0009 or less, read the forum posting at and get a firmware upgrade before you reach 5000 hours usage!

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    The usual symptoms are that the PC BSOD's after about 1 hour, repeatedly, with a 0xF4.

    The fixed firmware came out over a year ago, late January, iirc, as the bug wasn't discovered until ~the New Year. The buggy firmware was from the previous June/July? I don't think earlier firmware than 0009 was affected by the same issue or it would have been detected/fixed much sooner.

    The firmware version can be checked from Device Manager, Properties of the drive > Details > Hardware ID's.

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