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    More ways to ditch unsightly network cables


    More ways to ditch unsightly network cables

    By Michael Lasky

    A trio of new home-networking devices adds new flexibility when streaming media or moving files. Plus, a rugged USB flash drive provides serious security when you have to take your data on the road.

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    The 1TB wifi external hard drive is something that many of us could use. What would be even more useful would be a wifi cradle for connecting any traditional hard drive -- in other words, separate the wifi part from the hard drive, and sell it separately.

    Something which I believe would be very useful for me would be multiple powerline adapters. My church has virtually no ethernet wiring; to get out from the router, you currently have to go wireless. However, there are dead spots in the building. I'm thinking that a powerline module in each of these spots would be a very easy way to solve this problem.

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