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    Windows Media Player popping/skips in Win 7 after adding library location

    I was forced to do a re-install of Win 7 Pro 64. Because I have music in several folders I added an additional folder to the player library. When I tried to play a song from that location, I got the message that WMP was updating. I waited & waited, but could not play the tracks. I then closed and tried again. This time I received a message "WMP is disabling plug ins to prevent damage. The app will play MP3s now, but I hear occasional clicking and skipping, as though the sampling rate is mismatched.

    I now know this is probably not related to WMP. The same thing occurs when I play audio or listen to videos in Real Player. It must be related to the win 7 audio section.

    Any ideas? Can I somehow repair the win plug ins/codecs. I have attached the tech listing from the WMP help menu. I am totally current on all MS updates.

    Thanks for any help... Paul...
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