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    Multiple Excell Items in One Word Doc (2000)

    I am working on a Technical Document in Word.
    I have several tables and charts in a single Excel file that need to be inserted various places in the Word Document. I would like all of the imported items in the Word Dorument to remain linked to the Excel file. I have no trouble getting the first item imported and linked, but when I add the second item, the first link changes to look identical to the second. Then anytime I do something in the Excel file, all of the links change to the Excel sheet I was last on.

    Any help you could offer would be appreciated!!


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    Re: Multiple Excell Items in One Word Doc (2000)

    Well, I can only tell you what I would do. Make each link a separate file in Excel.

    If you need to, you can link the main Excel file to those separate files, so the separate files get changed (hence, the Word doc gets updated) when the main Excel file gets changed.

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    Re: Multiple Excell Items in One Word Doc (2000)

    I figured out how to do it. Instead of using "Insert Item" you use "Copy - Paste Special" and choose "Link to File". I hope this helps someone out there.


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