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    Instant Video PCI: what to use for editing?

    I have an Instant Video PCI video capture card which came with Ulead software, which I want to avoid because it has received negative reviews. I'm wondering if I will be able to use Windows Movie Maker or VLC Media Player or other S/W for editing. I'm a beginner with this aspect of computing.

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    I use Movie Maker and find it adequate for my needs.

    You should just get Movie Maker and play with it and see if it's something you can use.
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    You might also like to try VideoSpin2.0, it's very simple and completely free for 15 days if I recall correctly. Some of the codecs become inoperable after that and require a $15 codec pack if you like it and decide to keep it and want those particular codecs, which of course are the popular ones. I think it has much better scene detection than WMM and its easier to apply changes to multiple clips in the timeline. If you are just finding and cutting out a few scenes you don't want on a manual basis and make changes to the video before you split it up then WMM is also quite adequate.

    DO NOT get Pinnacle Studio 16 like I did...its been a week and I still can't make heads or tails out of it; no wonder there's a huge help file and tutorial that comes with it. I think it would be much easier just to go back to Studio 14.

    This link should get you started.

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