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    Windows 8 Update

    I hope I'm in the right forum - being the new owner of a Surface Pro, I just received my first MS 8 hardware and Windows Defender update recommendation from MS. The hardware update is dated 3/28/13. The Windows Defender update is labeled "KB2267602". Following Woody's advice not to allow automatic downloads until found relatively trouble free, does anybody advise me on these two updates?

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    I don't think even Woody would advise delaying Windows Defender updates. You really want those antivirus updates as soon as possible or they're not worth having (because, apart from anything else, there'll be another one along in a moment.)

    Not so sure about the Surface Pro update, but the worst that usually happens in rare cases is that you need to uninstall it if some problems surface (pun not intended).


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    I would suggest you build your own layer of security and you will acquire some autonomy regarding your system's updates.

    1. Backup your system regularly with an imaging app (Acronis True Image, Macrium Reflect Free, EaseUS Todo Backup). Keeping up to date images will allow you to go back to a working state (the last image) if something goes wrong with your system - malware infection, update issue, etc. All imaging apps allow you to create a boot disk that will allow you to boot your system even in the most catastrophic circumstances (safe non disk hardware failure) and restore the latest image.

    2. Keep System Restore running. Going back to the latest restore point is a safe and reliable way to recover from issues resulting from a problem with a Windows update. I would say it's the first line of defense, up to date images being the 2nd.

    This said, I have seen no references to issues with the Surface firmware updates. I would go for it. Same with Defender updates.
    Personally, I always update my systems on my own, relying on my safety net to go back to a working state if problems arise. I only had to do it once in all years I have used Windows and Microsoft has been offering updates.

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    Same here. I always have an up to date Image so if for some reason a particular update hoses things, I can get back to where I was prior to the update very quickly (less than 10 minutes).

    I have installed all priority and recommended updates with the exception of Bing Desktop. I hid that one.
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