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    Unable to open VB project? (Access 97 SR2)

    i'm stumped. i checked the MS Knowledge Base, the WAW archives, the lounge archives, the Athree archives... i even asked the bloody paperclip.
    Sometimes, when i go to open one of my databases (our weekly invoicing is done in Access databases, a new one every week, so i've got about 200), i will get the following error:

    Microsoft Access was unable to open the Visual Basic project for this database.
    Another user is saving the project now. Do you want to retry?

    i can Retry or Cancel. i can Retry until my fingers wear down to stubs and i have to poke the keys with my nose, and it still won't open. Rebooting the host machine clears it up, and sometimes the file will un-lock itself (magically?) after what seems to be an arbitrary period of time. Checking the .ldb file shows that the only machine logged in is the server that the file is stored on. The only solution is to copy the file and use the copy until i can reboot the server and clear up the original, at which point i delete the original and rename the copy. This never happened up until about a month ago, and is now happening with increasing frequency (usually when someone is hollering at me on the phone), and getting old. Any suggestions on how to fixee?



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    Re: Unable to open VB project? (Access 97 SR2)

    Why is the server logged into the database? This seems like and odd thing to have happening.

    Is there a reason for this or is it unexplained?

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    Re: Unable to open VB project? (Access 97 SR2)

    If no one is logged into the database, where is the ldb file coming from? They may persist at times and need to be manually deleted. If you can delete the file, then no one is in the database regardless of what the lock file says. If you can't, then someone does have an open link to the database file.

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