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    Letterhead alignment changes on different printers

    I have a typical letter macro that presents a form to define letter information.
    The information is placed in bookmarks within the document.
    There is a bookmark called "sender" which is in a table in the header. The header information is inserted as a header Quickpart pulled from a buildingblocks template in the startup.
    The vertical position of the sender bookmark is at 1.6"

    The macro works perfectly and generates a letter with no problem.
    When you print the letter on pre-printed letterhead on a specific printer it aligns the sender information perfectly with the address of the firm.
    If you print to other printers, the alignment is off, vertically.

    I have 6 printers. 5 of them seem to work similarly (may be off by a few pts of space but negligible to the eye) and one that is completely different
    HP2200 and HP 4000 series.
    All drivers are up to date.
    Is there a setting controlled by specific printers that would shift the top margin?
    Is there a way to place the sender bookmark at an absolute vertical position programmatically and if so, would that matter if the issue is printer specific?
    I appreciate any insight.

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    You may have luck fiddling with printer drivers but the issue may be physical rather than software based.

    I suspect the printer itself is at fault. Perhaps having it cleaned or serviced would allow the rollers to grab the paper earlier in the cycle. Every printer will have some variances in how it grabs the paper and how therefore there will be variance in where the images appear on the page. Usually this is not noticeable unless you have very close tolerances to elements on pre-printed stock (which may vary itself)

    It is also possible the one odd printer thinks it is dealing with a different paper size but this is unlikely.
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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    Under Tools, Options, Advanced, Layout options, does checking the option 'Use printer metrics to layout the document' help with the HP printers?

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    I had the same problem years ago and was able to adjust it through the printer. On the printer web page you had controls to adjust the x,y co-ordinates for the start of the page to correct the alignment problem. Unfortunately, I don't have access to an HP printer that has these capabilities anymore, and can't seem to find the info online. They may also be available through the print menu.

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