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    Wireless may be missing

    I accidentally reset my linksys router. Now, when I look at my desktop that is wired to the wireless router, I'm not sure if I remember a progressive connection strengh bar icon in my system tray or not. I'm only seeing a monitor icon and it only says "Network" Internet Access. My laptop has the bars and my ssid. My wireless printer is not connecting now and so I'm wondering if there is a connection between these two events or if I'm remembering incorrectly. My Network sharing center also does not show the ssid name and the Adapters page view shows no Wireless adapter. Win7 Pro.

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    You won't see an SSID nor the progressive connection strength bar icon in your system tray if you are connected with a wire to the router. Instead, you will see just what you're seeing, the "Network" internet access icon. To confirm that you are connected, try to go to a few different web sites.

    Since your laptop is apparently connected (try some different web sites to be sure), we know that there's nothing wrong with the wireless setup on the router.

    I would go through the setup procedure once more on the printer.

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