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    Question Google Earth displays as wireframe, not with contours or water

    I'm trying to help someone who has an old XP computer and who suddenly cannot view Google Earth the way most of us see it--land masses oceans, contours, etc. What he see is a wireframe globe.

    When he opens Google Earth, he is always asked if he wants to start up in OpenGL or DirectX. He has selected each and has also Google Earth and selected each option. Nothing changes.

    He says that this problem just suddenly started happening, which is probably true but he doesn't know what he could have done to cause the problem. His computer is old and slow and I would love to just get this set up correctly--and I keep telling him that he should buy a new, more modern computer.

    Any help and/or ideas would be great!

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    Check for newer video drivers for the graphics board. It worked for one of my Win7 systems that had a similar problem. Google Earth gets automatic updates, to it might become incompatible without notice.

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    If that doesn't help, downgrade (uninstall then reboot, install older version) to v6.2, click on Google Earth (free version) Direct Installer Links on this page and the link will drop down.

    Once you get it working again, turn off the Google Updater in Control Panel, Task Scheduler (or uninstall the Updater via Add/Remove Programs), otherwise it's likely to be 'updated' to a buggy version again.

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