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    Question Windows Media Player won't play after 5 sec.

    Had a malware issue and in the process of cleaning that up, WMP 9 started quitting after playing about 5-6 sec of a .wmv file. I couldn't find anything on the Microsoft site that made sense, and of course, XP stuff is almost verboten on there. So, I got the idea of upgrading to WMP 11. The install went fine, and it went through the settings startup routine OK. But, it is doing the same thing as the older version.

    I saw something on the MS site talking about resetting DRM for this kind of problem but it was so confusing I couldn't make heads or tails of it. All of my .wmv stuff is DRM free, so how do get this stupid thing to start working again? Thanks in advance.

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    Without knowing anything about your system (you didn't say) any response would be just guessing.

    I'd make sure that you have ample RAM in your system and then I'd install the "K-Lite Mega Codec" pack.

    You also should minimize the number of programs you have running in the background.
    In MSCONFIG - Startup, de-select every program that you don't absolutely HAVE to have running all the time.
    Any Schedulers, Updaters, or reminders should be turned OFF.
    And while you're in MSCONFIG.....

    Shorten the Boot Time in XP, Vista & Windows 7

    Go to the start button, choose run, then type msconfig and press Ok.
    On the system configuration window, choose the "Boot.INI" tab.

    Check “No Gui Boot”, then lower the timeout to a more manageable time.
    I choose 3 seconds in stead of 30. (windows won’t accept a lower number than 3)

    Next choose advanced options.
    This is where you can choose how many processors you have.
    Most modern PC's are duo core (2 processors) with some quad core (4 processors)
    then choose OK. The Windows default is only 1 core.

    Now choose apply and OK, reboot and you should see a marked decrease in boot time,
    And Run-Time efficiency.

    Good Luck!
    The Doctor
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    IF,the two suggestions above do not work.Down load the VideoLan player here; This program will play most things with out any trouble.
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