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    How To Stop Auto Logoff

    I have a friend who works at an equipment rental business, which uses a customer write-up system in which the PC's on the counter "talk" to another PC in the office, which holds a database of equipment prices, etc. That PC, running XP Pro, got a nasty virus/trojan a couple weeks ago which I couldn't dislodge from the PC. So I installed a new hard drive, put XP Pro on that, and migrated their apps to the new hard drive. Everything is generally working again, but one thing I haven't been able to figure out is why the "back office" PC logs the user out after a few minutes of inactivity on the keyboard or mouse. My friend has to get up and go out to the counter frequently to wait on a customer, and when she comes back to the office she'll have to login again (which wasn't happening under the previous installation). I don't see anything in Power Options that looks to be the cause of this, so what else might be causing this?

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    A screensaver (which could be blank) set for "On resume, display logon screen" is another possibility.

    So, Desktop, Right-click, Properties, Screensaver; see if it needs to be changed from Blank to (None).


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