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    Forms: Repeating Information (not given)

    This is a private email that Renee agreed should be posted to the open forum.
    "I'm going nuts and the worse is I can't figure out how to word this
    question in a search engine to get an answer. Ok, here goes. I have a form. Several of the fields have
    the same information. Name, Patient ID #, Dr., Social Worker... etc. But each time you fill out the form
    that information may change, so it is not static in the form, just repeated in that form. Does that make
    sense? I tried to create a control box and attach a macro so that when textbox1 was filled in, it would
    populate textbox7 with the same information. Problem, I couldn't get the textboxes to stay in a table, so
    doing it w/out the table they just moved all over the page and the majority of them have "labels" attached
    to them. e.g. Dr.: textbox3. Hope this making sense. So right now I have a nice form that works well, but
    it would be better if I could link(?) several of the boxes together so when I type something in one it will fill
    the other boxes or write a macro. But, alas, I've been unable to accomplish same! P.S. If you want to
    see what I'm talking about I can send it to you. Sincerely and w/great gratitude - Renee Atkinson"

    One Answer:
    Hi Renee:

    For repeating information, try using REF fields. Your text formfields have a bookmark name of text1, text2, etc. Change the name to something better like, name, ID, SocWrkr. Then put REF fields where you want the information to repeat like this.

    Press Ctrl+F9 to insert field braces & type the following inside:

    { REF BookmarkName }

    where bookmarkname is name, ID, SocWrkr, etc.

    Before protecting the document, be sure to go to text formfield properties & check the box that says "calculate on exit".

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Forms: Repeating Information (not given)

    I agree with Phil's suggestion. The only place you want form fields is where you want someone to type something (or at least to be able to type something). Remember to check the formfield's property for "calculate on exit" (which should be called "update anything that relies on this on exit"). - revision, oops, I see Phil already covered that, too.

    The tricky part is when what is filled in in textbox1 is probably - but not always - what you want in textbox5. That requires an on-exit macro for textbox1 that (1) unprotects the form, (2) updates the default text for textbox5, (3) reprotects the form without resetting the field information, and (4) moves the focus to the next field. If that is what you need, I guess write back with specifics and I or someone else will try to piece something together.

    For more on forms follow the links at <A target="_blank" HREF=> Word Web Resources - Forms</A> (
    Charles Kyle Kenyon
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