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Thread: IE 10 Question

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    IE 10 Question

    I downloaded IE 10 and installed with no problem. I did this twice to check out what I found. Has anyone noticed when signing on that when you type the first character in the password box that a button like dot appears in the far right side of the password box? Is this Microsoft's way of tracking peoples passwords?

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    That dot is an eye. If you hold the mouse button down on it, the characters you've typed for the password are displayed for you to check.

    If Microsoft just wanted to track your passwords, I think they could choose to do it without displaying an eye-spy icon to let you know.

    If it really spooks you out, it can be removed by using Group Policy Editor (if you have Windows 7 or 8 PRO): "Eye" Surgery

    But it's only available while your password is being entered, to reveal what lies behind the blobs, for checking typos.


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