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    Internet Access Halts or gets very slow intermittently

    While the subject of this message might indicate a computer problem, it is happening on multiple computers on my network including my laptop and the smartphones using Wi-Fi.

    I am having the computer programs freeze for 5 to 20 or more seconds. This is playing havoc with videos and email. Specific apps will freeze when accessing the Internet but the whole computer is not frozen. Outlook connected to Gmail, and YouTube (using any browser) are the main programs but others are also impacted. I can change to another app and use it without a problem. It appears that all network activity is blocked or the bandwidth being completely tied up when this is happening. Programs not using the Internet are not impacted.

    I am using a cable modem and my ISP has monitored it and insists it is not their problem. When I run I get 10 Mbps down and 1 Mbps up although there are occasional very bad tests. The cable modem and router have been swapped out and cables and switches have been moved around without helping the situation. The router(s) has the most recent firmware installed. The computers are running Windows 7 or 8 with latest patches and the phones are Galaxy SIIIs with Jelly Bean.

    I have multiple suspects as to the cause but I am not sure how to identify the culprit.
    • Two computers are running Google’s Music app to sync music but set to lowest priority but that should only be using the Internet when uploading new music which doesn’t happen that often.
    • One computer is running CrashPlan backup to the web. The issue was present before CrashPlan was installed.
    • I have been using Windows Home Server Ver. 1 since it was in beta.
    • Dropbox is running on multiple computers.
    • MS’s SkyDrive is running on multiple computers.
    • Google’s Calendar Sync (to sync with Outlook) is running on two computers.
    • Secunia’s PSI is running on all computers.

    I need some help troubleshooting this issue. Is there a program I can run to monitor the network to determine the cause?

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    Try running in a Clean Boot environment:

    If the freezes go away, use the procedures listed under "How to determine what is causing the problem by performing a clean boot" to narrow down the cause.


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    You could try one of the free tools mentioned here:

    Capsa Free seems a good option to give you data on total traffic by source.

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