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    Links in Newsletter articles and in Lounge list

    Can you tell my why (other than having a crap computer - HP with Vista Home Basic, IE9, 2Gb - usually takes 6 to 7 minutes from start-up to operable and always has) I have difficulty in navigating to links in the Newsletter? Sometimes repeated failures, more often needing several attempts and only occasionally straight though. I use both the direct link and the 'open in new window' method.
    It did become worse after upgrading to IE9

    I suppose my computer is just too slow to catch up with the time-scale used by the targets for a 'time-out'.

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    well,if you share more information about the machine maybe someone could help?

    I am running a laptop from 2005... 2 Gigs RAM, Dual 80 Gig HDs, a slow Core Duo 1.6Ghz CPU, Win7 Ultimate, all individual components (NVidia GPU, real sound card)
    This machine runs circles around my 'better' machine
    2.4Ghz Core Duo 2, 4 Gigs RAM, 320 Gig HD, VISTA, all built-in components (all run off CPU- no independent chips)

    And a friend of mine has an AMD 1.2Ghz Dual Core x64 that boots up even faster.

    Some simple questions:
    Has this particular Windows install been in use for longer than 3 years- without wiping and re-installing Windows?
    Has this install been heavily modified? What I mean in this instance: Have you tried a couple of different anti-virus programs on this machine? Or anti-mailware? or ANY security software? Has Norton ever touched this machine? Sometimes test-driving multiple 'protection' software can make a system slower and unstable. Also, having MULTIPLE protection software running at the same time will definately slow you waaaaay down.

    I literally just discovered Windows Defender is always running 'real-time' protection on my Vista laptop. I have Avast! installed on it. So, I disabled Windows Defender.

    The machine got MUCH MUCH faster.

    My bittorrent downloads were throttled by hard drive bottle neck; disabling the 2nd scanner fixed that problem.

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    Try running MSConfig, click on the startup tab, and click on Disable all. If your boot up time becomes acceptable, use a resource like:
    To see if you can safely leave the item disabled. You might also want to go through your list of installed programs and uninstall everything you don't use. HP loads up their systems with a lot of "crapware" since they get a kickback from the vendors.


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