I'm using OpenOffice and LibreOffice as a temporary measure since changing to a Windows 8 computer. I'm finding that when I try to copy and paste something off the web into a word processor document, especially in OpenOffice, I'm getting very erratic results.

Sometimes only part of the segment that I've highlighted and copied from a web article actually goes into the document, and the rest of the text simply is gone. OpenOffice does not paste my entire selection. I've tried dragging and selecting from the bottom of the article as well as from the top of the desired text, and it does not seem to matter. Rarely can I get a copy to span over two pages. Usually I get about what will fit on one page and the rest is non-existent.

The part of the text that does paste successfully always seems to format itself no matter the page setup I've selected for the document. I'm really getting frustrated. My old 1990 something Word program on my old computer accepted this type of copy and paste with no problems. Any ideas? Thanks. Judy