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    How to learn to create COM Add-In for Word 2010?

    Hello everyone,

    For over 15 years I've been developing macros & user forms in Visual Basic for Microsoft Word. Custom toolbars and menus in the UI, also. Although custom toolbars & menus can still be displayed in Word 2007/2010 via the ADD-INS tab, it's time I learn how to set up custom toolbars & menus on the Ribbon via COM Add-In (at least, I think that's the direction to go in).

    I think the basic necessities are doing development in VB.NET (is that right?), which means I need to install Visual Studio (can I get confirmation of this, please?)

    I wonder if I can bypass time-consuming shopping/purchase/reading of books, and go straight to some online tutorials? I'm happy to pay $$$ for education, just hoping to get some relevant recommendations from folks who have been down this path already.

    Thanks for suggestions and info. Very appreciated.

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    Will this help?
    Don't know anything about it myself.

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    Helpful websites:

    My preference is to use the Custom UI Editor ( to add Ribbonx markup to templates stored in the Startup folder. A good reference book is RobbonX: Customizing the Office 2007 Ribbon, by Ken Puls and others. To my knowledge there is no comparable reference for Office 2010. The 2007 book is missing instruction regarding the Backstage View, which you can fine here:

    The Custom UI Editor and VBA are all you need if you go this route.

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