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    Tools for creating a bootable flash drive


    Tools for creating a bootable flash drive

    By Fred Langa

    Alternative software (and perhaps some hardware juggling) can often resolve problems that interfere with making a USB device bootable. Plus: Interpreting the results of a deep malware scan, a free tool for alphabetical-order file copying, and another noncompressing backup tool.

    The full text of this column is posted at (paid content, opens in a new window/tab).

    Columnists typically cannot reply to comments here, but do incorporate the best tips into future columns.

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    Fred, one multi-boot installer that I've been using lately is YUMI (Your Universal Multiboot Installer)

    It has a bunch of "known" tools in it's list which helps put things into the menu system you see at boot time.
    However, I often use the "unlisted ISO's" option and it has worked with every one I have tried. I currently have one 32G USB flash drive with multiple virus/malware scanners, drive image backup tools, disk checkers, Linux based OS's, data recovery tools, windows password removers, etc.

    It is extremely easy to use and has worked well with every thing I have tried with it.


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    Check out and download Easy2Boot V1
    and make a grub4dos bootable USB drive.
    Once made, just copy over your linux ISOs, Windows Install ISOs, BartPE ISOs, DOS .IMA floppy images, etc. (you don't need any special utility - just copy the files over using Windows Explorer or linux or whatever!)
    When you boot from the USB drive it makes a dynamic menu and it will boot almost any ISO!
    Even if the linux ISO you are using does not have any cheat codes for direct ISO booting!
    e,g, You can have BackTrack 5 with persistence booting direct from from the BT5 ISO (and Ubunutu, Fedora, etc.)
    Check out the YouTube Videos. Site is Easy2Boot V1 tab at top of page.
    It is still in late BETA stage but quite mature and ready to go to full release soon (and it's free!)
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