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Not for the faint hearted.

Windows XP fully up to date laptop

1) Zonealarm with it Virus checker wanted to be undated.
2) Half way through the up date it stopped with an 1619 error
3) I Googled it and got a number of answers none of them worked, one of which came from the Zonealarm Forum saying that they were looking into it, It seemed to come only with Zonealarm with its virus checker
4) So I un-installed ZONEALARM with virus checker and install just ZONEALARM fault cured
5) So now I had to get a free Virus checker I had a copy of AVG 2012 FREE so I installed it, and then tried to update AVG and after re booting I got the error VPROTECT APPLICATION ERROR which according to AVG Forum it is to do with AVG TOOL BAR and the answer was to un-install the TOOL BAR, But I could not find the AVG TOOL BAR in ADD AND REMOVE PROGRAMS, so I down loaded the AVG REMOVER this started to remove AVG then it stopped half way.
6) So I could not not un-install with AVG REMOVER or ADD AND REMOVE PROGRAMS
7) So I tried to delete the AVG file in PROGRAMS it would not let my delete all the files in the AVG FOLDER it said they were protected so I deleted what I could.
8) Then I went into REGISTER EDITOR and deleted all entries relating to AVG in the Register
9) It still would not let my delete the last of the AVG entry's
10) I rebooted no errors show up after the reboot.
11) So I thought I would change the virus checker, as I was having trouble with AVG so went on the net and down loaded AVIRA
12) When I started to install AVIRA it stopped, it wanted me to manually uninstall my firewall, malware checker and of course what was left of AVG so this did not happen.
13) Went back to WINDOWS / PROGRAMS and it let me delete the last of the AVG FILES
14) I then down loaded AVG 2013 and tried to install
15) IT INSTALLED AND WORKS no further problems.
16) This took about 6 hours, I hope I remembered it alright

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