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    Access 2007: add records to a worklist by checking a box

    Hi folks,

    I'm building a database to track urine samples received into our lab. We take these samples and add them to worklists; each worklist can have hundreds of samples in it.

    For obvious reasons I don't want to use the typical method of relating these records, where the user would create a worklist and then add samples one at a time. Instead I'm thinking a form/subform, where the worklist is the main form but the subform displays all the available samples (i.e. all samples not already assigned to a worklist). The user then checks a box next to each sample to be added to the worklist.

    I can picture it in my mind, but I can't figure out the best way to build a form like this. The typical form/subform of course wants to show related items or let you relate items individually. These records won't be related until after I'm done.

    I appreciate your input!


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    I take it you have several (or many) worklists, so how about using a continuous form (sorted with the oldest sample first presumably) that shows all samples where no worklist has been selected. Then use a combo box to make the assignment of that sample to a worklist. I don't think a subform would work for you in this case, but once a worklist has been assigned, then the subform would be appropriate to see all of the samples currently assigned to that worklist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beej View Post
    Hi folks,
    The typical form/subform of course wants to show related items or let you relate items individually. These records won't be related until after I'm done.

    It is true a "typical" (common) use of a form/sub form is to show parent/child related child records. But it doe not have to work that way. A sub form (or sub report) does not have to show record related to the parent form/report. The Parent form/report could even have no records (no record source set).

    I use a form as a dashboard. It has several sub forms that display totals and/or counts. The sub forms do not have to be related. This also work great for summary report.

    What you want is definitely doable. The way I would create what you want is this. A parent form with a combo box to select eh work list. The first sub form in continuous view would list the item already on the list. You would use the combo box as the master linking property. A second sub form continuous view that does not have the master/child linking field set (not related to the parent form. . It would show all the items not assigned to a work list. On the second sub form you could use the after update of a check box or the on click of a command button to pull the work list from the combo box and assign it to the record. You would then requery both sub forms to show the changes.
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