Ran into a PC a couple weeks ago which was infected with the Cryptor virus/Trojan. Ended up replacing the hard drive with a new one, keeping the old hard drive in the case for data recovery. After the XP Pro install, I went through Device Manager and made sure I had working drivers for all the hardware. A few days later, I started getting questions about why every day or two they were getting the Found New Hardware Wizard. I asked them to copy down as much info as they could one time when the Wizard ran, and they finally sent me the following:

"It's a "Volume Snapshot" thing, through Microsoft and one purpose it is intended to do it is making shadow copies to make restore points on system restore backups?? (duh?). I tried the wizard once I knew what it wanted, as you had reactivated System Restore. It asked permission to use Internet instead of a "CD disk" (huh???) and I allowed one time use only and it was grinding away looking for whatever it needed, I got warning that this may be dangerous process and to click cancel to abort so I did."

What do I need to do to resolve this recurring Wizard?