I am a long-time Eudora user and have recently migrated my paid version to a Windoze 7 x64 machine. All was going well until my ISP introduced a "dashboard" style email system. Seeing as I regularly use a VPN, Eudora 7 cannot connect to the ISP's outgoing mail server when sending via the VPN. All goes well with direct ISP connection.

After much round-about with ISP support, shifting to OSE was suggested. Migrating to OSE went OK considering nearly 20 years of messages to be imported. The change did not solve the SMTP problem but the ISP guys are still working on that.

I have been able to tweak the settings in OSE to get most things working like classic Eudora, but have a few "bumps" that need fixing.

1) Even though I have the appropiate switches set, messages marked as junk are not automatically transfered to the "Junk" box. I have to transfer manually.

2) Messages with inline images do not display the pics but list the filenames in a little box below the message text window.

3) Despite having all three accounts on OSE set to check mail every 10 minutes, I still have to hit the "Get new messages" button to check for new mail.

Any help appreciated. TIA.