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    Power Point slide show on Epson EX5210 projector

    I'm not sure if this thread needs to be here or in "hardware". I have very little experience using a media projector connected to a laptop. I don't even know the basics of getting my Power Point program to recognize/communicate with the projector. The manual I printed for the projector just says "start your presentation", assuming I know how to do that. I'm pretty much self taught in everything I've done with using programs, plus the invaluable help I've gotten in this lounge. Can someone get me started on how to tell Power Point to communicate with the projector? I'm using MS Office 2003. Thanks!

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    Actually, in most cases you treat the projector as an external monitor. It should have a VGA connector or maybe a DVI connector. Just run the appropriate cable between the external monitor port on your laptop to the matching port on the projector. Next you'll have to tell the computer to send the video to the projector. This is usually done via key combination. On my Dell laptop for example you'd hold down the FN key and press the F1 key. This action will usually rotate the video between the laptop screen, the projector, and both at the same time. Once you have the projector showing the video it's just powerpoint as though you were using it on the laptop alone. HTH
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    Hi k32rem,

    Easiest way to get the projector recognized is to hook everything up first, then turn on the projector, and 15 seconds later, the Laptop. The laptop will then be able to "see" that it's connected to an external monitor and use it. Starting the presentation is just double clicking on the Powerpoint, that's all there is to it, most of the time.

    The hard part is all the options that are available. You have the choice of splitting the view onto two monitors, so the presentation is on the projector and the presentation notes are on the laptop. Settings for this may be required on both the Operating system And in Power Point itself.

    Take some time practicing before you do a live presentation.

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