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    Data Access Pages & Instead Of Insert Triggers (2000)

    I am using a SQL server back-end with a MS-Access Project front end.
    I have created a data-access page that looks at an table called "tblamendment" to go on our Intranet.
    Unfortunatly I have an instead of insert trigger on the "tblamendment" table, and each time I try to save the record an the data-access page I get an error saying "a certain" field cannot contain a null value.

    Thats all fine and good but the Instead Of Insert Trigger has taken care of all the fields that cannot have a null value. Just to prove this futher I did a mannual insert into the table from SQL just puting in values for the fields that the Data Access pages populates this worked no problem, thanks to the instead of insert trigger.

    So is there something wrong with Data-Access-Pages that makes it skip my Instead Of triggers.


    I have posted this on quite a lot of forums and had no reply what so ever, so either I am not explaining myself very well (which is most likely) or no one can help me ????????????

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    Re: Data Access Pages & Instead Of Insert Triggers (2000)

    Nope - DAPs shouldn't be blocking your triggers - although you need to make sure your SQL triggers are active. Presuming they are, try putting default values on the design of your SQL tables - they are generally less bother than triggers anyway - and see if your DAP will work in that mode. Hope this helps.

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    Re: Data Access Pages & Instead Of Insert Triggers (2000)

    Thanks Wendell,

    I have actually got around the problem by putting the defaults on the DAP. But I am having another strange problem each time I add a new record, the DAP is telling me that someone else has just changed the record. It then goes on to tell be that it cannot identify the row source and that the save has been aborted. However when I look at the table the row I entered has been saved twice??????????
    No one else has access to the database currently apart from me so I am really confused about what

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