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    Nitro ? No thanks.

    I see now that this app. Nitro is advertising on this site. Even before this started, I had a look at it and ended up deleting it all. It will add to your machine so much bloatware, e.g.: yootoo and also It also takes over your browser and installs it own. Caveat emptor.

    I ended up using the best part of one hour, removing it all, Regedit also came to the rescue. I hate anybody who thinks that his way of doing things ought to also be your way and takes over your machine on the pretense that you need it all along with the main Phishing app that one is trying to use.

    Goodbye Nitro, up yours ! JP.
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    Nitro what? Nitro PDF Reader seems to install OK without anything horrible added...

    (By the way, what are adverts? [Firefox with Adblock Plus])

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    Never trust an advert; if you want to install something, download it from the authors site (currently down for the free version) or a reputable source (I check Majorgeeks first). I just downloaded and (custom) installed Nitro free x64, no sign of any toolbars or other unwanted bloat.

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    I kind of enjoy the game though I know I should not since it fools so many folks. I begrudgingly admire the ones that need custom install chosen in order to deselect adware items and the ones that allow deselection but where one also has to indicate Decline before moving on to the next page where the actual install of the target software takes place despite the "Decline." Some software aggregate sites are absolutely ridiculous now days though; requiring their downloader to handle the download with 10 other misleading download buttons is way over the line.

    Often the "alternate download" is the company's own and doesn't go to or wherever the main link(s) lead.

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    An ad is an ad, and they should all be taken with a grain of salt, meaning, not to be trusted just because they are on this site.
    Although it helps (as far as our site is concerned) if someone is clicking on them from time to time.

    Sometimes one is better off using BitTorrent than a website that has a slew of confusing download icon buttons everywhere.
    Invest a little time and energy in a well thought out BACKUP regimen and you will have minimal down time, and headache.

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    I do download a lot of software and I wholly agree with the OP, that you can go out to get one simple program and wind up spending hours getting rid of the tag-alongs, toolbars and other total CRAP.

    I too use either Major Geeks or File Hippo, so I can get just one program, that I want, without a lot of extra junk that I DON'T want.

    I wish there was some way that I could recover all the hours I've spent cleaning Garbage off of my PC.
    Sometimes, in total disgust, I just do a Ghost Restore to totally wipe out some Crapware.

    The Revo Uninstaller Pro has been a real Godsend, for not only removing some program, but scouring the registry and getting rid of the Registry Entries for that program too.

    Minus Crud is cool!

    Experience is truly the best teacher.

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