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    Free-form data entry in MS Data Project

    Hello. I'm in the beginning stages of an Access 2010 Data Project and trying to determine if I can do what I need done.

    My users are required to enter estimated hours against projects months in advance. If a user has many projects, doing this in the web app is very cumbersome, requiring input one month at a time, save, refresh, repeat. I want to make this possible in a datasheet-type or continuous form format, allowing them to supply all the necessary info, then hit a SUBMIT button once. Take the following sample screenshot for example.

    Each row represents the parameters I would pass to a stored proc. I want to loop through the recordset, calling the stored proc once for each row being submitted. I'm just having a heluva time creating such a free-form structure in an ADP. Any information greatly appreciated.
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    Is there a particular reason why you want to use the ADP approach? Are you aware that ADPs are no longer supported starting with Access 2013?

    In any event, are you still expecting to create a web interface for the data entry task? If you are doing this in Access, you could use a bound continuous form, the records could all be saved in a temporary table, and then when the Submit button is clicked, your stored proc would be executed to save each of the records in the temporary table into the permanent table. Frankly, this would be much easier in an .accdb or .mdb format database where you linked the front-end to SQL Server using ODBC.

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