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    Outlook blocks URL links: refers me to system administrator

    Hello again, colleagues all!

    I receive quite a few emails with URL links embedded in the text (for instance, responses to offers of goods on sale). However, for the last few days, every time I click on such a link, I get the message "This operation has been cancelled because of restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator". This is a bit rich, as I am operating on a single PC at home. I am running Office 2010 with Outlook as my email manager. The OS is 64-bit Windows 7.

    Looking back on when the issue first arose, I think the problem might have been related to an inadvertent download of Internet Explorer 10. I have checked through all of the settings available on Outlook and cannot find anything which relates to the restrictions on activating URLs (which I assume are related to the prevention of phishing attacks). I suspect one can get round this problem by giving the target web site appropriate privileges, but I cannot see where to do it. Also, to do it on a per-site basis could be a really tedious operation.

    Can any of you clever people out there suggest a means of getting back to my comfortable pre-IE10 situation?. I do appreciate the dangers of phishing, but whenever I see a URL which does not seem to be relative to the topic, I visit the home page first, to try and find out whether there is a redirect embedded in the parameters of the URL. This has worked pretty well for me. I can live with the situation by pasting the link directly into my browser, but it is pretty tedious to do this every single time!

    Jim W.

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    This problem probably began due to an installation (by accident as a result of installing something else, or on purpose) of Google Chrome. This Chrome installation has upset the "marriage" between OUTLOOK and Internet Explorer. There are lots of websites that offer solutions to this problem, just copy the whole error message into Google and you'll get a comprehensive list. However, none work as consistently and easily as the microsoft FIX TOOL for this annoying bug.

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