hello everyone,

perhaps this one will make you smile ?
I recently inherited a new cap : Exchange 'sheep keeper'

config : NT4 SP6 + Exchange 5.5 sp4
not connected to the internet : get mail from an ISP with popcon POP3 connector
no DNS running on our network, using the ISP's DNS

Now, I must convince the MSExchg thing its domain name has changed
I've tried various things... none seemed to have the least effect :
it keeps forwarding 'outside' the messages for mailboxes with the new suffix
to be more clear :
-1- I have changed the 'DNS' name in the network/ TCP/IP properties
from "ouroldname.fr" to "ourNewName.fr".... this seems to be the only place
where MSExchange reads the domain name it uses
-2- I have added in every mailbox
IF there was joe.muddle@ourOldName.fr
THEN add new adress joe.muddle@ourNewName.fr in the same box

...alas !
now when a msg comes in (POP3) for joe.muddle@ourNewName.fr,
popcon as usual retrieves it , then forwards it to MSExchg -apparently no error -
...but 1' later, the ISP sends the postmaster(me) an alert msg
saying something like : this message is looping, already delivered, dropping it
with a copy of the message where I can see it has reached MSExchange,
but mister MSEx decided to re-send it outbound to joe.muddle@ourNewName.fr
... then it goes to the ISP

any idea ? (before I go completely nuts )